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Calendar 2019



This is national repeat day, so the theme is tricks that repeat. Bring your favorite repeating trick or repeat a trick you have previously shown at the club.

July 1


Magician Arlen Z Solomon will be presenting and teaching magic with rope. There may also be a prize or two!

Bring your best magic to present to other club members, and as always enjoy creative conversations with other club attendees.

August 5


It is national "Work Like a Dog Day" so we will be featuring workers. These are tricks that can be done repeatedly in real world performance situations. They need to be durable, have strong impact, pack easily, reset quickly and impress the socks off people. Bring your favorite to perform or to share. 

September 2



October 7


Be ready to scare,  I mean share, your most disturbing, frighteningly funny, spooky or halloween themed magic. 

Get a chance to win a creepy Chris Angel magic set.

November 4


There are so many great holidays and novelty days this month it is hard to choose a theme. So, our theme will be "Themes!" Come share your favorite "Themed" magic (holiday or otherwise) to join in on the fun. Or bring a trick or routine and we will help brainstorm some ideas for how it could be themed to fit your act, persona, message or holiday.

See you there!


The Magic Club meets the first Monday of every month at the Lansdale Public Library,  301 Vine Street, Lansdale, PA 19446 from 6:30-8:30pm (holidays excluded)

The club has become a great venue for sharing and learning the art of magic. Anyone seriously interested in magic is welcome to join us, from beginners to professionals of all ages. Here you can find collaborators gladly helping you refine your performance or presenting their latest projects to entertain everyone or just try out something new. The Magic Club is about encouraging one another to express their creativity in a judgement free, safe, supportive environment where we can all triumph or fail without worry.

The Magic Club is a very social environment where attendees can freely share with one another or the entire group. Occasionally there will be a theme or contest that is open for everyone.

The Magic Club is FREE of charge with no membership or subscription fee of any kind.

A Little Club History

An introduction from Kurt,

Kurt Brasch produces flower filled crystal boxes from an empty paper bag.

Sometime around 1996, I started my first club. We actually met in a  restaurant then moved to Temple University's Fort Washington location  and met in one of the classrooms. When I closed the store in late 1998,  the club disappeared.

In  2006, my magic shop was re-opened in Ambler and then moved to Lansdale in  2008. Shortly after in the same year, another club was formed. We met at  the Sumney Restaurant in Lansdale then moved to Franconi's Pizza in  North Wales. They were very accommodating there and gave us our own  room. We later moved  the club to the Lansdale library as it was much more conducive to performing  privately and sharing secrets of the arts. 

In the past, we performed 3 events  there, each being held on a Saturday  morning. The events featured magic performances from 5-6 magicians.  These shows were offered to the community free of charge and were well  received and attended. In fact, we had to turn away people as we could not fit more than 100 audience members in the community room.

The Magic Club In the News


In October of 2018 Main Street Magic Shop began hosting the magic club at the library when Kurt closed his magic store to focus on magic performances and other business ventures. 

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